New weaving - Pure new wool scarf

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I came across some beautiful hand-spun and hand-dyed wool yarns recently at the Sunday Market at Southbank. I love to support locally made yarns and it's always a welcome opportunity to chat to the makers' and share our passion for handmade things.

I bought all that was available on the day - 2 skeins of the grey variety and one of the olive. I also bought some merino wool sock yarns - but that's for another day.

When I bought these home, I realised that I was without an umbrella swift - damn! So I held the skeins around my socked ankles and wound them into balls. After a bit of RSI and foot cramp after footcramp, I got these babies (bad picture, I know)....

I prepared to warp on the front table as I love to watch the passing parade and soak in some sunshine - and people Iove to watch the warping process - thanks people =) !  

Warp beamed and tensioned:

Threaded through the heddles:

And handwoven - look at those gorgeous threads!:

This twill scarf turned out beautifully and I love the colours. I ended up using the olive so that when you swing it around your neck you get two tones. And the wool! The wool is sooo soft and cozy. My husband has his eye on this one already!

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New weaving - Autumnal wool scarves on the loom

Let the weaving begin!

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