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Linen cushions!
June 16, 2016

I have just made this pair of 100% linen cushion covers. They have just been sent to Sydney, Australia complete with fluffy 100% duck feather inserts. They are fully lined and are finished by hand. Luxurious and classic, these are...

Bespoke letterpress cards and gift tags
June 14, 2016

Just added to the store are these gorgeous mini note cards and gift tags made by the folks at BESPOKE LETTERPRESS. Printed on an antique printing press on 100% cotton paper these are lovingly made by hand in Brisbane, Australia....

Loom talk on Twitter
February 23, 2015

Hello everybody! It has been almost one year since I have been back here writing. It is mostly due to the the sadness of having to pack up my floor loom (see previous post). However, the heart never sleeps when...

The ebb and flow of life
March 29, 2014

Today, I went through the process of dismantling my loom. It felt a lot more like dismembering my loom and if I didn't have 2 removalists milling around me I'd probably be on the floor in a fetal position with...